Class IconArtist::BuildSystem
In: icon-artist/buildsystem.rb
Parent: Object


add_icon   new  

Public Class methods

Open or create buildsys in target directory

target_dir:directory in which the build sys is supposed to be located


 :source_dir => '/path/to/dir/where/to/store/sources'
 :create => set if you want to create new buildsys
 :theme_name => 'theme name'
 :theme_version => 'theme version'
 :theme_comment => 'theme comment'
 :theme_dir => 'directory name'
 :theme_bugzilla => 'theme bugzilla'
 :theme_inherits => 'theme inherits, defaults to gnome'

Public Instance methods

Add new icon and symlinks to it

filename:file in which the icon is stored
symlinks:non-standard symlinks to be added for the icon