Class IconArtist::Icon
In: icon-artist/icon.rb
Parent: Object


add_symlinks   check   context   create   export   filename   iconname   new   symlinks  

Public Class methods

Check if icon in given file follows one-canvas standards

filename:path to the file with the icon

Create new icon with set name and context using selected template

iconname:name of the icon, preferably following standards, to be created
context:context of the icon, see THEME_CONTEXTS constant for more info
template:select custom template, either template name (without .svg extension) that is located in your XDG User Dirs Templates dir or in /usr/share/icon-artist/templates/#{template}.svg, or a filename of a custom template (with the .svg extension)

Open new icon from set file

filename:path to a file that contains the icon
options::skip_check => don‘t check if the icon adheres one-canvas guidelines

Public Instance methods

Add symlinks to the icon

symlinks:array of symlinks to be added

Accessor to icon contex

Export the PNGs and SVGs to selected directory using standard icon theme directory structure

dir:export directory
sizes:set sizes to export

Accessor to icon filename

Accessor to icon name

Accessor to symlinks. Returs a hash containing :default and :optional symlinks. :default symlinks are found using icon-naming-utils.