Class IconArtist::IconTheme
In: icon-artist/icontheme.rb
Parent: Object


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DEFAULT_DIR_SETS = { 'actions' => 'Actions', 'animations' => 'Animations', 'apps' => 'Applications', 'categories' => 'Categories', 'devices' => 'Devices', 'emblems' => 'Devices', 'emotes' => 'Emotes', 'intl' => 'International', 'mimetypes' => 'MimeTypes', 'places' => 'Places', 'status' => 'Status'

Public Class methods

Open icon theme in selected dir. If not present, or create set to true create a new one

dir:directory in with the icon theme is located


 :create => if true forces creating of new icon theme
 :icons => icons to be added, array of hashes containg 'name', 'context' and 'sizes'
 :name => 'theme version'
 :comment => 'theme comment'
 :inherits => 'theme inherits, defaults to gnome'
 :translatable => if true we'll use instead

Public Instance methods

Save the changes made to the icon theme